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Social Emotional

Although exhibiting some challenging behavior during early childhood is typical and varies greatly across environ­ments, some children exhibit challenging behaviors that are more chronic and result in significant difficulties for the child, family, and learning environment. In these cases, it is impor­tant to have specialized early intervention services available to them and their families as soon as possible to help prevent long-term difficulties. The initial step towards detection of such problems and the preven­tion of more severe issues is to conduct screenings across devel­opmental areas to help identify those children and families that would benefit from early and targeted intervention strat­egies.  This talk will discuss social emotional issues in young children and how to screen and refer these children.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Define social and emotional (S/E) development
  2. Explain importance of screening for families, your practice
  3. Give examples of S/E milestones and “red flags”
  4. Use, document and bill for ASQ:SE tool
  5. Discuss concerns and referral resources