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Adolescent Depression Screening

Depression among youth is a relatively common, disabling condition that is associated with serious long-term morbidities and risk of suicide. The majority of depressed youth, however, are undiagnosed and untreated, despite opportunities for identification in settings such as primary care.

Despite available depression treatments, only one fourth to one third of depressed adolescents are receiving care. The problem of underdiagnosis and underreferral might be addressed if assessment of suicidality and depression became a more formal part of routine pediatric care.

This talk will help give you the tools to begin to screen, and treat and refer adolescents with depression.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss the diagnosis and epidemiology of depression
  2. Act as a first resource for adolescents and their families with respect to behavioral and mental health issues.
  3. Screen, evaluate, and treat/refer adolescents for mental health and behavior problems
  4. Implement a strength-based approach in interacting with adolescents to promote behavior change.